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Quick Importer Converter (QIC)

Automatic file converter of .qif to .iif format for Quickbooks« users

This is the main screen of the QIC utility.  Several of the features are described below.


Quickbooks Export File

  • This program is a useful utility for Quickbooks™ users running on Windows 95 or NT.   Quick Importer Converter brings the convenience of automatically converting from Quicken import file (*.qif) to Quickbooks™ file format(.iif) of your export files. This allows you to import files directly into Quickbooks virtually without any typing. Currently, only credit card and checking type transactions are recognized and limited support for split transactions. It may in the future, support other transaction types.
  • This utility reads in a Quickbooks export file containing the list of accounts and payees to provide automatic conversion of fields in the input file to the output file.

Best Guess

  • This utility will attempt to automatically convert, but in the process it may prompt you for information to help it in the conversion process. If this happens, the program will highlight a best guess for either the payee or expense account, or both.  You can then tell it to use this guess the next time it encounters this information.  If a payee or account is not listed, you can dynamically add them to your list.

Edit Guesses

  • The utility provides a basic editor to allow you to remove those guesses that are no longer valid.


Disk Space:
2 MB
Operating System:
Windows 9x or greater
Other Software:
A registered version of Quickbooks and optionally Quicken for Windows


NOTE: Quick Importer Converter is shareware -- it is not free.  Because there is a smaller registration response then expected, we have decided to lower the number of allowable transactions per input file to 5 for non-registered users in the 2.0 release. Your registration fee allows us to further enhance the utility.

Regular Prices start at:
    Quick Importer Converter Single Copy is $29.
    Quick Importer Converter Site License is available.

Note: Price is subject to change.

Shareware distributors, please review the vendor.txt file before downloading and distributing this product.


May 10, 2003 Version 3.0 Delayed We regret to inform you that due to other priorities, this version has been delayed indefinitely.  Please provide us feedback on how this affects you and accept our apologies. 
February 16, 2003 Version 3.0 Beta announced We are rewriting the utility from scratch; a beta release will be available soon; email us if you want to be a beta tester.
February 10, 2003 Version 2.03 Released This is an interim release of the old QIC to fix an identified bug for Quickbooks 2000 or greater.  If you use Quickbooks 1999 or older do not use this release.  We are working on a beta 3.0 release in the next couple of months.
June 20, 2000 Version 2.02 Released   Fixes a date problem; does not support QB2000 or greater; use at your own risk for later versions.
February, 7, 2000 Version 2.1 Delayed As you can tell, the "active" development of this utility has been put on hold.  We are planning a release soon.  If you are not satisfied with this. we want to hear from you, please.
September 28. 1999 Version 2.1 Delayed We are working to release this soon; please be patient with us.  It is a big improvement over 2.01.
August 29, 1999 Version 2.1   New name; lots more features; less bugs
February 16, 1999 Version 2.01 Released Fixed some major bugs; added minor new features; please use this release!  Known date problem with QuickBooks '99.
December 23,1998 Version 2.0▀3 Released Fixed major bug with split trans.;all known bugs
December 20,1998 Version 2.0▀2 Released Fixed known bugs;
November 24, 1998 Version 1.21 Released Fixed compatibility bug w/ Quicken 98/99.
November 16, 1998 Version 2.0▀ Released Support for check transactions & adding payees
August 21, 1998 Version 1.20 Released minor UI changes; bug fixes
August 7, 1998 Version 1.10 Released major usability improvements; online help;
July 14, 1998 Version 1.02▀ Released minor UI changes; bug fixes
July 7, 1998 Version 1.01▀ Released minor bug fixes and improvements
July 3, 1998 Version 1.0▀ Released

You may download a shareware version of this utility here or at many of the Windows archive sites. If you would like the full version, please fill out the product registration form to receive your license.    Look at our FAQ first for help;  otherwise, please fill out the feedback form to report problems, request features, or comment.


QICSoft is proud to announce an open-source version of our QIC utility is available at sourceforge.  For those users, who are programmers, please consider contributing to this project.  The open source version does not contain any executables, installation support, or help.  To receive those features and product support you can continue to purchase QIC here.

Intuit is phasing out the qif format!  Click Here, for more information on how this affects you and the usefulness of this utility. 

Note: QIC is Year 2000 compliant.


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